An In-depth Look at Stanley Druckenmiller’s Investing Strategy – Fortune magazine interview 1988


Stanley Druckenmiller is the hedge fund manager that I admired most in life. Stanley Druckenmiller has shaped how I approach markets and how to be flexible towards any events at all times.

For those who do not know, Stanley Druckenmiller was the right hand man for George Soros from 1988 to 2000. His track record was out of the charts. Throughout his investing career, Stanley Druckenmiller had managed an average return of more than 30% with minimal drawdown. Readers who are interested about this great hedge fund manager can read up his interview in Jack Schwager’s book – The New Market Wizards.

Today, I would like to share a 1988 Fortune interview with Stanley Druckenmiller. This rare interview which had not been shared anywhere was conducted before George Soros pouched him from Dreyfus corporation. [My comments in RED].

PORTFOLIO TALK Battening Down for a Recession
By Andrew Serwer Stanley Druckenmiller


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